Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proclaim As You Go!

Sadly, I scramble through many rushed days without ever sharing the love of Jesus with the people that I come in contact with. Harried trips to Wal-Mart, anxious waits in waiting rooms, and even lengthy telephone conversations are rarely seen as divine opportunities sovereignly orchestrated by God to share the glorious Gospel message.

In Matthew 10:1-15, Jesus called 12 men and gave them the authority over unclean spirits and disease. He equipped them completely for the task at hand, commanded their trust in God's provision for their needs, and sent them out. He told them where to go (the lost of Isreal). He instructed them to meet physical needs, such as, healing the sick and afflicted, and raising the dead, but He established firmly the message they were to share with those who crossed their path: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand." Christ had come! He had come to bring salvation and redemption, life and light, joy and hope, peace and contentment, to all who believe!

It is interesting that, in this case, Christ didn't tell the disciples to call all the people in the towns together for a church service or a revival or a special meeting. Instead, He simply told them to "proclaim as you go" (vs. 7).

The gracious gift offered by God through the crucifixion of His Son on the cross and His spectacular resurrection is a message that should never be contained in the hearts of those who believe. He's given us the message, He's told us who to proclaim the message to (all nations!), He's equipped us through the power of His Spirit, and He's told us how - proclaim as we go (see also Matthew 28:18-20)!

Will you join me in looking for those opportunities? While standing in line at Wal-Mart - proclaim as we go! While sitting in a waiting room - proclaim as we go! While talking with our children and grandchildren - proclaim as we go! While we're at work - proclaim as we go! While loving the hurting - proclaim as we go! While helping the needy - proclaim as we go! While visiting the sick - proclaim as we go! Whatever we do...whereever we are...let's be intentional to proclaim as we go!